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Attention All Veterans
I'm sure almost everyone says to you, when they first learn that you are a veteran: "Thanks for your service." I would like to say instead: "Welcome home."
Veterans are special people. No one would argue with that. What many forget is that veterans have many of the same legal problems and challenges that civilians do. At the Law Office of Robert Hohenberger, we are here to make you feel welcome, and to discuss these problems with you, in an atmosphere of privacy and trust. The initial consultation is free.
In over thirty years of legal practice, I've handled many cases of many types. My special areas of expertise are listed below. I settle out of court more often than not. It's cheaper, and more civil. As a veteran myself, I understand that the fact of your military service colors your life forever, whether you just returned from a tour in Iraq, or you never left Fort Hood. You see things a little differently, and you have agencies to deal with that others don't, like the VA and Tricare.
Meanwhile, like any civilian, you may be facing a divorce, a bankruptcy, or a property dispute. You may have an existing child custody or support order that requires modification. You may be facing probate, or thinking of making a will or setting up a trust, so your family is protected. You may have a problem with the IRS, debts to restructure, consumer credit problems, or even a contractual dispute to resolve. On the brighter side, you may be thinking of starting a business and need help getting your company incorporated in the State of Texas.
The best thing to do for your own peace of mind in any of these situations is to talk with an experienced and reputable attorney with the knowledge to guide you.
As a veteran, I understand the particular needs and concerns of those who have served, and I am eager to help fellow veterans in my areas of expertise. These are:
  • Divorce, paternity and child custody issues
  • Bankruptcy - Commercial and Consumer
  • Commercial and Contract law
  • Probate, Wills and Trusts
  • Consumer credit issues
  • Debt resolution
  • IRS Relief
  • Debt Reorganization
  • Closely Held Family Business Incorporation
  • Incorporation, "S" and "C" Corp
  • You can sign up for an initial consultation from the homepage of this website, use our contact email, or call our office at your convenience. Our office is centrally located and parking is free. My staff and I look forward to helping you with your legal issues and to earning your trust. As a veteran, you deserve nothing less.